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Why I'm Creating a Social Economy

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

When I mention a social economy, you might be a tad confused about what I'm talking about. From the term alone, you might think I'm about to go on about some sort of political agenda that may or may not upset you. Rest assured, that is not case here.

I'm not talking about anything having do with politics. I'm talking about creating a system that allows people to get paid to interact with each other. I'm talking about the reason I've created the mobile app, Webblen. But first.. What is a Social Economy? A social economy is a system that rewards social behavior. Specifically, that reward is capital. The social behavior that is rewarded can vary. The best real world example of the idea in practice is Steemit. On the site, you are rewarded a currency called 'Steem' through being active on the platform. The highest payouts are given to those who actively blog on the platform. However, you are still rewarded for commenting and upvoting posts as well. So as long as you are involved on the platform, you get paid. This concept and business model inspired me, but I had to take it a step forward.

Webblen The goal is simple: Reward people for being involved in their communities beyond the web.

With the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, we are able to create a system to pay users for being together. That way, you can be paid for activities that wouldn't directly reward you previously, one of the biggest ones being volunteering.

At the time of me writing this, the platform has over 2000 users. Right now, users are able to cash out the Webblen they receive from checking into events or checking into their own locations into cash through Venmo, Paypal, and Cashapp. If someone is a fan of using cryptos, that is a choice as well. Currently, we are in the process of making Webblen a cryptocurrency that will allow it to be traded with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies alike.

Why Bother Creating This? There's three primary reasons I have:

1. Increase cryptocurrency adoption There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there with projects and teams that would blow your mind.

But here's the issue:

Why would your average consumer even bother with these currencies? The crypto space right now is cursed with the barrier of knowledge.

The learning curve can be steep and the jargon used such as 'immutable ledger' all the way to 'hodl' does not make understanding the space any easier. Even in this post, I've been trying to limit my use of crypto jargon for simplicity's sake. On top of that, as much as the public knows, a single Bitcoin was once worth $20,000, and now it's not. That's bad press.

Webblen provides an opportunity for people to easily earn cryptos without having to worry about how it works right away or paying for it. It's like how almost everyone uses the internet, but not everyone knows how it works. But guess what? It works.

2. To Advance Us There are moments in history that pretty much change everything. We also all know that history has a way of repeating itself. One of the ways is the way we work and earn a living. With robots on the horizon of replacing careers from banking all the way to surgery, there is a fear that we won't have jobs the way we do today. That's okay though. That means that we're reaching a point that we can focus on different goals that we would can have for our species and ourselves. So this is a project aimed to be one of the solutions people to turn to to if a simple monetary reward is what they want.

Even if it's not Webblen itself, there will eventually be a company that does create this. Technically, I can even name a competitor that's emerged recently with a similar goal.

I won't for obvious reasons.

Let's just hope we got a strong enough head start.

3. To Begin Repairing Some the Damages of Modern Day Social Media To me, this is my most important reason to continue with this project.

It's truly awesome that social media has connected us in a way that we would have never imagined. We get to see our peers, friends, family, and idols create content for us to like and view from all across the globe. Social media has even changed the way we exchange and learn information from the voices we hear on Twitter, the videos we view on Youtube and Snapchat, and the posts we share and find on Instagram and Facebook. However, though we are all more "connected" than ever before, people have never felt more disconnected from each other. At the end of the day, liking a post or video is not a great way to replace spending time with family and friends.

If social media is your primary means of entertainment and socializing, it will get to you. The thing is... it is for a lot of us, and it is getting to a lot of us.

That's a big reason why in the US depression and suicide rates have been on the rise. Everyone puts their best foot forward on the media. So if you're ever feeling down, watching people looking like they're having the times of their lives online probably doesn't help. With Webblen, at least there's a stronger reason for you to be involved in your community. Actually interacting with others is good for us. Unfortunately, today it's easier to sit back and consume content than to go out to volunteer at the animal shelter down the street or got to the TedTalk you told yourself you were excited for. I hope this sheds some light on the mission I'm on and interests you in checking out the app. It's available for both IOS and Android. If we are not in your area yet, we do have a waitlist! I encourage you join in and be a part of what's next!

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