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New Beginnings

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Whenever it comes to a new year, I usually get things started by doing one of two things... 1. Setting & Achieving goals 2. Finding New Opportunities I'll spoil it for you and let you know that this year, we're going to be going with number 1. These goals are primarily focused on three different topics: Community, Culture, and Webblen Community 🌎 You are reading this and you are alone doing it. Want to know what's interesting though? You are not the only one. The amount of different communities we have in our society is actually crazy. For almost every hobby, interest, and lifestyle, etc., there's a group of people backing and supporting it. This year, I'm focused on creating a sense of community for not only myself, but for those around me as well. We are all human and being around others that we have things in common generally makes us feel good. HOWEVER ☝️ There's a bit more to it than it. It's one thing to be around people who share similar interests, hobbies, and behaviors... and it's another thing if those same people help you grow. Through my work, my relationships, and my interactions, I want to create and provide solutions to help people have more clarity about what matters to them and authentically bring them closer to those that can provide guidance and general support. I know it kind of sounds like I'm talking about making a Facebook group... I'm not. That's boring. I mean more so in 'real life'... more on that in a bit.

Culture 🌆 When it comes to following patterns in behavior and communication, I'm a huge geek for that. Pro Tip: Want to get me to like you? Ask me about personality psychology and social trends. This year, supporting the current culture shift is one of my main priorities. "Current culture shift?" You may be wondering. Well, looking at our current political, social, and technology, and economic climate... there you can see that "the times they are a changin". People are not as complacent as they used to be. There's a level of change that we strongly desire and it cannot be ignored. What does that change look like? I'm not 100% sure. What I am sure about is how I'm interested in pushing it towards the betterment of humanity, and I'm going to have a blast doing it.

Webblen ⭐ If you know me, then you already know Webblen. If you don't or want a clearer understanding of Webblen, I'll give you the lowdown. Webblen is a company I started May 2016 when I was about 17 years old. We focus on creating modern solutions to improve societal and individual health, growth, and involvement. When it comes to the two topics above, this company basically focuses on those two things. Our first solution, also called Webblen, is mobile application that pays users to attend events and be involved in their community. We will be paying users by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. If you're interested, check it out on the IOS or Google Play Store.

We are at 1000+ users and do have a special token incentive for our first 3000 users on the platform. So go download it. If you're interested in learning more about how it works, keep an eye out for our white paper coming out this February. Now back to it... Webblen is currently based in Fargo, ND. We have a few features in the app that we desperately need, especially one that's focused on REPLACING LOCAL NEWS

(intense right?). When it comes to building communities and changing the culture... a lot of actions will be with this company at the forefront of the cause. We are even ready to begin expanding out of North Dakota and begin placing more focus on Minneapolis, MN and LA, California. I feel like like I've already said too much. 😶 I hope your 2019 is the best it can be. For you and everyone around you. I also hope you can join me on this journey to improve life for everyone, it's not going to be easy, but it will be fun. 🙌

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Mukai Selekwa

Mukai is the Founder of Webblen, a mobile app that rewards users for being involved in their community. He dreams to improve the the quality of social life using his talents in development, design, and consumer psychology to create a social economy.

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