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The Importance of Community


No, I'm not talking about TV series starring Joel McHale and Donald Glover. I'm referring to the ones that are with groups connected to each other through interests, hobbies, goals, and so on.

There's a lot more to communities than just posts using the same hashtag. They are extremely important because they can provide support and guide individuals who are impacted by the daily stress and struggles of modern life.

In fact, I'm willing claim that understanding how to join and create communities are a couple of the most important skills one would need in order to find success in their life.


There's value in connecting with others near you that share your interest.

We all love things that are familiar to us and the more we interact with those within our communities, the more we can cultivate the relationships we have with each other and provide opportunity.

Maybe you understand the importance of community but feel lost as to how to join one or create one?

That's fine!

With Webblen, my team and I provide an easy way for you to get involved in the different communities around you. On top of being able to more easily find and create communities in your area, we even reward you with our currency whenever you are at an event or meetup!

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Mukai Selekwa

Mukai is the Founder of Webblen, a mobile app that rewards users for being involved in their community. He dreams to improve the the quality of social life using his talents in development, design, and consumer psychology to create a social economy.

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